As a Roof Consulting firm Canon Consulting & Engineering Co., Inc. provides services in the testing and evaluation of roof systems using the latest in technology including the FM Global/ASTM Negative Pressure uplift chamber, thermal imaging system (infrared), nuclear moisture detection gauge, capacitance moisture detection gauge, electrical resistance probes, and gravimetric cores. Visual surveys, the development of project plans and specifications, preventive and predictive maintenance programs, field observations during construction, post construction evaluation, and engineering consultation are also a part of Canon’s service.

Canon Consulting offers a computer based roof management program to our clients. This computer program is an engineered management system that is designed to provide the user with the data and procedures necessary to develop and maintain a cost-effective program for managing built-up roofs. This program called “ROOFER” was developed by the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USACERL) with support from the US Army Engineering & Housing Support Center (EHSC) and the US Army Cold Region Research Engineering Laboratory (CRREL).

“ROOFER” comprises procedures for dividing the building roof into manageable sections, collecting and managing inventory information, inspection and condition evaluation, network management and project management. When utilized the program will provide an effective management tool that can be used on a periodic basis to assess the overall condition of the roofs and to develop a maintenance/replacement.