The characteristics of a “good roofing consultant” were identified by ASTM E936, “New Standard Practice for Roof System Assemblies Employing Steel Deck, Preformed Roof Insulation, and Bituminous Built-Up Roofing.” Canon Consulting & Engineering Co., Inc. concurs and complies with the recommendations of ASTM E936. We are of the opinion that roof consulting services should be accomplished by or under the direction of experienced registered professional engineers.

If you experience problems with your roof, Canon Consulting & Engineering Co., Inc. would be pleased to assist you, your staff, or your clients in solving these problems. As we do not sell or represent any manufacturer of roofing materials or equipment, you can be assured of objective engineering. We will deploy the appropriate tools, equipment and personnel to assist you in solving your roofing problems: no more, no less.

We are committed to providing quality specialized consulting service. If you should have need of our services or would like additional information, please contact:

Richard (Dick) P. Canon, RRC, PE
Registered Roof Consultant and Engineer
Phone Number: (864) 486-0990
Fax Number: (864) 486-0935