Canon has provided forensic engineering and consulting services on over 40 projects involving the corrosion of metal roof decks associated with phenolic foam insulations. On most of these projects our client was a building owner. Legal action was involved in all of these cases. We have provided expert testimony and depositions on several, and have been involved in successfully negotiated settlements in dozens of projects, totaling many Millions of dollars.

Through the phenolic foam projects we have gathered a significant amount of field and practical experience. We have expended many hours in research including chemical analysis and metallurgy. We are a viable resource for problem projects involving this phenomenon. Our retrofit specifications for the remediation of projects with phenolic foam insulation set the standard in the industry for this type of specialized project. We address: interior protection, roof removal, deck repair and remediation, new roof system installations and sheet metal.

In August, 1991 Richard Canon authored an article, “Metal Deck Corrosion – Three Case Studies” which appeared in Professional Roofing magazine. In 2000 Canon presented another article in the Roof Consultants Institute’s magazine, Interface, “Phenolic Foam Class Action Settlements”. A copy of these articles is available upon request for reference.

We provide our experience and serve as a technical resource and consultant. Our early involvement on these projects is most beneficial and avoids many of the problems encountered if we get involved too late. Our involvement should be considered in any meetings an owner has with the manufacturer and retrofit design team.